My Namesake

Severn, the RiverSabrinaJohn Milton (1608–1674) From “Comus, a Mask
THERE is a gentle nymph not far from hence,That with moist curb sways the smooth Severn stream.Sabrina is her name, a virgin pure;Whilom she was the daughter of Locrine,That had the sceptre from his father Brute.        5She, guiltless damsel, flying the mad pursuitOf her enragéd step-dame Guendolen,Commended her fair innocence to the flood,That stayed her flight with his cross-flowing course.The water-nymphs, that in the bottom played,        10Held up their pearléd wrists and took her in,Bearing her straight to aged Nereus’ hall;Who, piteous of her woes, reared her lank head,And gave her to his daughters to imbatheIn nectared lavers, strewed with asphodel:        15And through the porch and inlet of each senseDropped in ambrosial oils, till she revived,And underwent a quick immortal change,Made goddess of the river: still she retainsHer maiden gentleness, and oft at eve        20Visits the herds along the twilight m…


My roommate put this up on the fridge the other makes me smile.
I Like You (by Sandol Stoddard Warburg) (here is one of the poems i really liked before. it's a pretty long one. i liked it because it's cute and sincere and is different from the good poems that i've learned in school.)

I like you and I know why.
I like you because you are a good person to like.
I like you because when I tell you something special, you know it's special
And you remember it a long, long time.
You say, "Remember when you told me something special?"
And both of us remember

When I think something is important
you think it's important too
We have good ideas
When I say something funny, you laugh
I think I'm funny and you think I'm funny too

I like you because you know where I'm ticklish
And you don't tickle me there except just a little tiny bit sometimes
But if you do, then I know where to tickle you too

You know how to be silly
That's why I like you
Boy are yo…


I have an audition for an acting school in a week. I have no idea how to prepare or what I am going to read for my monologues. I've known about this audition for months, and yet I kept putting it in the back of my mind.

My theory is that, there is a certain amount of procrastination pressure that I emotionally respond very well too, that might actually help in my performance. That bare, raw emotion, that is so vulnerable, alive and real. So I've taken off a week from my very hip party job, to prepare in hopes that something will surprise me and the judges of my piece. I'm not worried, yet. When I perform it gives me an escape from all the thoughts in my head, all the self conscious ways I've become to aware of. It's the flight or fight of a healthy amount of pressure.

It's raining here....I love summer rain. When I don't have to be outside in it of course. I feel refreshed by rain and alive when I feel a large boom of thunder. Being in New York, I feel so dis…


Every few months I go through this feeling of stagnancy. I get bored, or I start to feel lost, or in need of that next whatever. These days I have a pretty cool job, I've been to some fancy places, met some fancy people, and I get paid to look good and be cute, but of course that aching feeling of "something missing" always comes back. At this point, I've just come to realize, that this is just me. I need continual growth and the sense of flowing along.

I'll always be searching for something. A new image, a new project, a soulful trip somewhere, a new hobby etc. But the thing is, I want to be a master at something as well. I just keep wondering is it possible to do both, be a jack of all trades and a master of at least one or two. Or am I continuing to bite off more than I can chew as usual.

Today, I was miserable. It was 103 degrees here in NYC, I felt ugly and disgusting with no AC really. The only thing that made it slightly bearable is my new very enthusiastic …

Gotta Be Starting Something

Yesterday, was an eventful day of closing chapters and beginning new ones. It started off with a very quick but cute lunch with my RISD clan at a pizza joint in Midtown. It felt very Sex and the City. We wanted each other's company so bad, that even a mere 45 minutes of girl talk over pizza would do. Anything to escape the mundane lifestyle of the office and just to be amongst familiar people that I actually love has become a necessity for me. We all tried to catch up on our lives, July 4th plans, new business proposition, who is working where now, love interests etc. It disappoints me that we have to seriously plan a get together in our adult lives and it's not as easy as it once was just to stop by their room two floors above me and give a shout whenever I felt like it. I miss those days, but I'm also quite proud to feel that everyone is attempting to maintain a relationship even if we are growing in different directions and at different speeds.

After my speed lunch with …

Wish I Was Here...

Image's 1:30am on Thursday. For some horrible reason, this is the hour where I seem to get the most work done, if at all. I guess it's cause I finally have a moment to myself to detox and breathe without everyone being in my business, because everyone else is asleep.

So that's my opening statement....haha. I sound like a bitch. I think this blog thing will be very healthy for me. I haven't been writing as much as I used to, and I've started to lose sight of alot of things in my life. SCARY!

I just turned 25, and I'm feeling the pressure. I'm going to start back at square one with simple goals and get back my discipline. And blogging will be the perfect template to get my ideas together. Anyhoo, I'll see ya tomorrow.

Also, I love nature.